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Welcome to UdSSR Clan

Welcome to UdSSR Clan, like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Be apart of UdSSR Clan by signing in or creating an account.

  • Start new topics and reply to others
  • Subscribe to topics and forums to get email updates
  • Get your own profile page and make new friends
  • Send personal messages to other members.

If you have any questions feel free to use "contact us" form below this page

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How to Apply for MemberShip/Community in [UdSSR]  


Step 1.) Visit next Application Form  >> CLICK HERE <<   COPY & PASTE The Application With filling it out

Step 2.) PASTE Your form with new topic creation >> CLICK HERE <<


[UdSSR] Clan Server & Forum Rules!

1.) ANY kind of hacking (wh, aim, norecoil)
2.) Namestealing/Namechanging
3.) Using the [UdSSR] clan-tag
4.) Grenade-Teamkill (change to spectator)
5.)  Spamming / Advertising / Bind flood
6.)  Blocking
7.)  Macro (first evidence->warning)
8.) Clipping (ctrl->spacebar->ctrl)
9.) Bad language (if someone insulting other players or admins)
10.) Sexist or insulting nicks with bad words

11.)  Disrespecting Admins  , Members , Public Players.

12.) Warned to many times 


Rule # 13 [UdSSR] Members refer: If an UdSSR Member with the rank Admin or higher refer an Applicant this Applicant will Automatic go into the trail period and receive the rank of Clan Member. This referral has to be checked by the Higher ranking UdSSR members.


***BAN-APPEAL / How to Appeal ( Request to Unban)***
Punishment Information Guide CLICK FOR INFO


- Simple rule ; racist comments are "  NOT Acceptable in [UdSSR] Forum or Servers , no bad words to countries and religions.

- FPS 250 is maximum allowed.
- Respect other admins and players !
- Don't kick other admins and clan members, if they use cheat then make demo and report on forum
- You are not allowed to kick for:
                   - camping (only if they camp all the time)



** [UdSSR] Discord / TS & Cod2 Servers  :

discord.png.f7f9143971831aefe5623f1a53b035a6.png<- (CLICK TO JOIN)Please Make an Account / Register. To Assign Rank to you.



[UdSSR] Call of Duty 2 Servers :

  • Server #1: S&D PAM:                      --->                  /  Game Tracker
  • Server #2: Toujane TDM  All Weps:    --->                       /  Game Tracker
  • Server #3: Toujane DM-All Weps  :       --->              /  Game Tracker
  • Server #5 Rifle PAM TJ:         --->                           Game Tracker
  • Server #4 Custom Maps:         --->                                  Game Tracker
  • Server #6 Wawa:         --->                                     Game Tracker
  • Server #7 CTF-PAM:         --->                                     Game Tracker
  • Server #8 S&D Rifle PAM:         --->                                     Game Tracker
  • Server #9 S&D Jump Server:  --->                                    Game Tracker
  • Server #10 Zombie Server:         --->                                    Game Tracker
  • Server #11 Match Server:  (PB ON)       --->                                     Game Tracker
  • Server #12 CG  Server:    (PB ON)      --->                                     Game Tracker


>>Live-Server List <<




** Catching a Hacker  how to RECORD 

Recording Demos in Call of Duty 2:

Start recording with /record demoname - example /record Dawnville1
Stop recording with /stoprecord


How to Review Demos:

Open CoD2 MP and when you're at the main menu open console with the button below escape (`) and/or (~).
If you dragged the demo in your demos folder.


Where to find Call of Duty 2 / Demo Folder:

[Default CoD2 Directory - C:/Program Files/Activision/Call of Duty 2/Main/Demos/]


How to Watching Demo

Here is a small tutorial for everybody to get the most out of a demo file.


1) Place the demo file in main /demos
2) Make sure that you dont have mods in main
3) Start COD2
4) Open console and write:

/devmap mp_toujane

Now the map Toujane will start in developer mode, so you can enable cheat protected cvars
5) Open console and write

/demo [demoname]

6) Write in console:

/developer 1
/r_xdebug 2

This will turn on developer mode, you will see players behind walls
7) for slomo Write in console:

/timescale 0.5 (1 = default) 



Press on the Logo to Proceed with Donation

5895ceb8cba9841eabab6072_50_2_43.png.95e38e89a6acd4a72816aa188f332388.pngMake a Topic when you made a Donation Thanks!!

Please donate to support [UdSSR] Community. We appreciate all donations  amounts listed under!Please donate to support this community. We appreciate all donations! " Please let us know " that you have donated" Thank you.

These who Donate Please Let us know " that you've donated" a Donator Title into you Name will be Applied





  • Create new topic ( In Ban - Requests Section  < LINKED ) , attach demo or screenshot with evidence and add violator's IP 




[UdSSR] Clan Ranks  :





Call of Duty 2 Game Download:



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