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Match Server - Mod Update!

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New mod on our match server. 


The latest version of zPam is currently available on our match server. The version 310 BETA 4, offers numerous bug fixes and has many new features. 
Below I will show you the original changelog of GuitHub Posten, there you will also find a description how to install the new zPAM 310 BETA 4. I am looking forward to the first matches with the new Pam Mod.

Of course Punkbuster is active!


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Mod zPAM3.1 is new version of PAM mode for COD2.
It is based on latest zPAM2.07 version and implements new features and bug fixes.

Work on this pam was iniciated by me in 2015 a was not never fully finished. Now in corona days i decided to finish it.

You can currently download and test beta version - but be careful, there can be bugs!


Main changes


  • Clip / Prone-peak bug fixed
  • Double kills fixed
  • Fast-reload shot bug fixed
  • Missing textures fixed
  • Auto demo recording
  • Auto overtime mode for MR12
  • New functions for STRAT mode (bots, path recording)
  • Adjustable vertical / horizontal sensitivity
  • GUI improvements (menu, hud)
  • Ability to change map / pam_mode / kick player directly from menu
  • Diagonal bug fix (canceled - the way it was fixed does not like most of the people)
  • Changable FOV (canceled - too big change)
  • Shotgun rebalance (canceled)

And much more - see full list down below



Write message on discord CyberGamer Europe in #cod2-zpam-3 channel.
Or add me on discord eyza#7930
Or write me on email kratas.tom@seznam.cz




In order to sucessfully install pam on your server, follow this steps:


  • Download file zpam310_beta4.zip and extract folders with files into following locations:
    • pb/pbsvuser.cfg
    • mods/zpam310_beta4/zpam310_beta4.iwd
    • mods/zpam310_beta4/pam_pub.cfg * optional - this file is used only when you are runnig public server
  • Add +set fs_game "mods/zpam310_beta4" into command line


If you are running cracked server, you have to uncomment command pb_sv_guidRelax 7 in file pb/pbsvuser.cfg

How it should looks like:




List of changes

1. Fixed game bugs


[1.1] Clip fix / Prone-peak fix



[1.2] Texture fixes (adding xmodel)










[1.3] Collision box / killtrigger




[1.4] Fast reload bug (when you fire, press R to reload and then you scroll down 2x, you are able to shoot faster) -> fixed
[1.5] Bind to stop actually playing sound -> fixed
[1.6] Toujane bug inder A roof



[1.7] Toujane bucket is not visible from far distance -> fixed



[1.8] Toujane B tank model top grid is not visible from far distance -> fixed


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2. Fixed script bugs

2.1 Weapons (complete weapon system rewrited)


[2.1.1] limited weapons (sniper, shotgun) can be picked up by another player and can be saved to next round -> fixed
[2.1.2] if you change weapon for example from mp_44 to kar98 in starttime, you are not able to pickup mp_44 from ground until round ends -> fixed
[2.1.3] if limited weapon is selected, for all other players it is not correctly indicated in menu -> fixed
[2.1.4] weapon is dropped if player change a team in start time (can be exploited if player change team to spectator and back during strattime) -> fixed
[2.1.5] when player kills somebody with grenade while he is using MG - shows MG icon instead of grenade in killfeed-> fixed
[2.1.6] if player is killed while he cooks grenade/smoke, cooked grenade/smoke is throwed and second grenade/smoke is dropped to ground -> fixed


2.2 Timeout

[2.2.1] when timeout is canceled, player can not use quickmessages anymore until round/map ends -> fixed
[2.2.2] in sd, timeout is executed at the end of the round with no ability to walk -> fixed, timeout is now executed always at the start of the new round

2.3 Other

[2.3.1] in sd, when last player dies, all players in defeated team are in spectator mode, but they can not move -> fixed
removed - now when all players from team are dead, camera is locked to location where last player die
[2.3.2] when max team limit is reached and other player disconnect, other players was unable to select team -> fixed
[2.3.3] fixed bash pam mode (only pistols are allowed, disabled planting)
[2.3.4] a lot of code rewrited, removed unnessesary things (splitscreen, xbox codes, ...)

3. Improvements already done

3.1 Ready-up

[3.1.1] added ability to stop killing in readyup mode
[3.1.2] if you change weapon in readyup mode, you will not get new grenades (only if you die)
[3.1.3] ready-up now starts when there is atleast one player (useful when you need to test something on server alone)
[3.1.4] no team limit for teams in ready-up mode (you can select whatever team you want in readyup mode)
[3.1.5] when you are in spectator and you are following some player, now you can see really "Your status" instead of followed player status
[3.1.6] added voice sound when all players are ready in readyup / halftime / timeout

3.2 Weapons

[3.2.1] primary weapon can be dropped if you have 2 main weapons (except limited weapons, like scopes)
[3.2.2] recoded system for saving weapons at the end of the round - now its not exploitable
[3.2.3] improved weapon menu - selected weapon is highlighted, used weapons are grayed out correctly, number of grenades under weapon image shows correctly, + added text who is using limited weapon




3.3 New stuff

[3.3.1] double kills - you are now able to shot thru players
[3.3.2] added demo recording functionality
- when match is starting, text "Hold F to start recording a demo" is shown - when player holds F, demo start recording in format "XvX_map_team1_team2__ID.dm_1"
- demo starts recording automatically after ready-up is over + is recorded again every map (in format XvX_map_team1_team2__ID.dm_1)
[3.3.3] added "Kill me" (removed) and "Start recording" to quick-messages
[3.3.4] some new cvar forces, like dx9 shadows forced off, duplicate packet forced off, ...
[3.3.5] abillity to spawn bot in strat mode
[3.3.6] abillity to change FOV (filed-of-view) (canceled)
[3.3.7] add new info to scoreboard at the end of the round (how long you are playing + rounds to halftime)
[3.3.8] show weapon instead of headshot in killfeed in match pam mode (removed)
[3.3.9] Shotgun rebalance - long shots and close range hits are balanced by new system of counting damage (this is turned off by default)



[3.3.10] Match info - menu with information about team names, score, scores in halfs, total played time, ...



[3.3.11] Match info server cvars - basic information like team names, scores, round can be showed via HLSW for example



[3.3.12] Rcon change map



[3.3.13] Rcon kick menu



[3.3.14] Strat bot support with path recording



[3.3.15] Match info ingame for streamers




3.4 Other

[3.4.1] New LOD force - all models are rendered in high details (this fixes ussues that enemy can be spotted behind tank from far distances, or bucket on toujane is not visible from far distance)



(this may be applyed only for toujane)
Canceled - this caused significant FPS drops on some spots
Some models are forced to render in high detail by another method


[3.4.2] New bomb explosion radius + fixed explosion effect



[3.4.3] when bomb explodes and kills someone, kill is assigned to planter
[3.4.4] fixed bug when grenade icon is not visible in scope zoom - it depends on "cg_hudGrenadeIconInScope" - so now pam force value of this cvar to "1"
[3.4.5] in overtime mode (for mr3, mr10, mr12, mr15 modes) - if match ends with draw, teams are automaticly switched over and over untill one team wins
[3.4.6] when team is changed, team is changed immediately (before - team was changed after weapon choose)
[3.4.7] all hud text are animated (small fadein and fadeout translations) and adapted to widescreen ratio
[3.4.8] when you connect to match in progress, there is image of map in background - so player can not see anything and also is spawned outside map, so he can not hear anything (inspiration from COD4)


[3.4.9] Added check if player has downloaded mod (mod needs to be downloaded or bug fixes described above will not work)


[3.4.10] Added check to "fs_game" if pam is installed correctly (if all servers with new pam will be installed in same folder, players will not have to downloading mod again on other servers)
[3.4.11] Added new cvar system - all cvars (sv_, g_, scr_) are monitored against change (not all cvars was monitored in old pam) + added warning in readyup if cvars are not equal to league rules
[3.4.12] Removed anoying music at the and of the map
[3.4.13] Removed anoying music from main menu
[3.4.14] Current pam modes (changes are marked bold):
- 10 rounds per half
- 20 rounds max
- used as "first to 21" format


- 8 rounds per half
- 16 rounds max
- sniper + shotgun disabled


- same as cg
- sniper + shotgun disabled


cg_mr10 - removed
- removed, this mod was same as cg (mr10 word is misscorectly used for "first to 21" format)


cg_mr12 - changed
- 12 rounds per half
- 24 rounds max
- 13 end score (there is the change)


mr3, mr10, mr12, mr15


pcw (new)
- new mode for not cg matches
- russian side turned on - auto recording is disabled
- deadchat is disabled
- there is no timer in half


fun (new)
- just fun mode with higher speed and lower gravity





[4.1] player / server options (player settings, all rcon commands, new commands like set/reset score, move player to team, ...) (done as 3.3.13)
[4.2] add more info in shoutcaster mode (weapon, grenades..., like in CS:GO) (+ keybindings for players, map overview)
[4.3] new binds for taking weapon class -> like when the bind is pressed, player gets Thompson, MP44, or PPSh based on actual team 
[4.4] increase sv_fps?
[4.5] remove quickmessages (like "Follow me", "Move in!") in match pam mode
[4.6] remove "Explosives planted" voice sound for planter (just for planter, retain for rest of team) to avoid ninja defuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfRdlWHzUWQ  
[4.7] suggestion to drop smoke instead of nade if sg gets killed before smoke was used
[4.8] get Russians back with modified ppsh
[4.9] Spectator - keep following player from previsous round in new round (in current pam when new round started, spectator is moved to default position even if he was following some player...)

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[5.0] Diagonal bug



[5.1] Slide bug (when player hits the ground he can not stop moving. It looks like he is "sliding" on the ground)
[5.2] Defusing with F12 (player can defuse outside plant area when screenshot bind and F is pressed at one time)
[5.3] Smoke is not visible if player press F12 or game window is minimized
[5.4] When some player plays with BAR weapon, all other players can hearing sounds of changing weapon on their side (happends when player with BAR is switching between BAR and pistol)
[5.5] When player is defusing and he use binoculars - its seems like he is not defunsing and zooming with weapon (but weapon is not visible)
[5.6] bind MOUSE1 "+attack;+smoke" -> this bind silences gun
[5.7] toujane bug - you get stuck in "link" if you crouch next to the wall



[5.8] Carentan MG house at doors. Prone push




[5.9] Dawnville: Bug in last apartment



[5.10] too hight mg sensitivity
[5.11] switching from scope to other player while dead, you keep hearing the "scopeshot"
[5.12] r_picmip can be abused, find a way to make sure picmip 3 cant be used
[5.13] Carentan: make sure people cant jump on the B bombsite from sandbags with 333fps or from boxhouse.
[5.14] Carentan: complaining about a bug behind the B bomb, the fences are bugged while scoping
[5.15] MG clip bug - if you prone behind MG and press F to take it, enemy see you with a delay
[5.16] You cannot hear sounds of players that are far away from you. In some spots you cannot hear sounds of players just around a corner. This is caused by map portals - every map is split up to portals. Only portals that you can see from your location are rendered by game engine. Unforcenetly players are also not rendered. Thats why you cannot hear your teammate shooting on A bombsite while you are on allies spawn for example.
[5.17] Bash bug - you cannot bust while reload animation (untill weapon chamber is not fully refilled -> bash is blocked)
[5.18] Burgundy low sky box - grenades are removed from game if you throw them above you with jump
[5.19] Matmata jungle texture bug



[5.20] Tanks - some tanks dont have solid tank wheels - shots go throught them
[5.21] Toujane bug under A roof

Fixed, viz [1.6]



[5.22] Toujane bug in track on B bomb site - you can see enemy behind track boxes with jumping, but enemy cannot see you
[5.23] Burgundy black tank - you can see enemy under tank wheels when you are far away from tank

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