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  1. All working superb! Thank you! Got people on server.
  2. Sure, let's go with it. Thanks bro. Whenever you do it, when can, upload it to the server, we rock new maps. <3
  3. Ok. I like 2nd option. And in the end we have all maps? Current + 6 new?
  4. Ok, boss. Check below. Single links: -added powcamp, I forgot above. 6 maps total for 2nd map-pack. mp_king_we.iwd mp_chelm.iwd mp_moh_town.iwd mtl_pirates_day.iwd mp_tripoli.iwd mp_powcamp.iwd
  5. @Ki1Lu - Yo! Could you please add/upload this second (2nd) map-pack to our UdSSR Custom Maps Server for@Cr!per @King_David , me and all players we have there on daily basis .I didn't want to edit current map-pack because maps are great and un-replacable, atleast for now, for some longer months. I also have a second list of maps we had previous years running on our Custom Maps Server and I just included them and made this 2nd map-pack. It consists of 5 awesome maps, similar to maps we currently have running on the server. I already asked @Fight^er if I can make map-pack and said yes, but obviously didn't have time to upload map-pack, yet. So... map-pack consists of 5 awesome maps, as mentioned above. Size is same as current map-pack currently running on the server and I wouldn't go above that size. Size is now perfect with those 2 map-packs. Names of maps included in the map-pack: Tripoli, Libya Chelm, Poland King of Queens (Winter Edition) The Town (with driving boat, like map Stalingrado, just with chopper & plane) Pirates Day (song Pirates of the Caribbean is included) All images of maps are listed below. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/77amrrpnmjmzl1h/udssr_mappack_2_9620.iwd?dl=0 Thanks @Ki1Lu
  6. @Ki1Lu -Yo! Just want to say that Custom Maps Server is running perfectly. Vote, rotation, maps, mod, overpowered guns... Yesterday we had like 10-12 players playing on the server. @Cr!per and I led the team. Just a minor issue if you can look into it when you have time... -I don't know why MG-42 isn't showing anymore. It's not visible on any map, whether it's a custom or original map. I thought it's maybe disabled inside Rcon, at guns options, but I don't see that weapon name there. Thanks in advance, bro!
  7. @Ki1Lu - I see you already put up latest map-pack. What happened with guns? xD
  8. Sure, no rush. Just that. Remove all map-packs and put the latest one from the link above and re-edit server messages that appear in the left corner. That's all, boss. Mod is currently working superb along with the vote. So everything will be where it needs to be.
  9. @Ki1Lu - yo, bro! Things to remove from server: automatic server messages: map ScotiaBank now available, map Ohmy Rats now available, map Powcamp now available. (no need because we don't have them, anymore). You can just leave message, for example as I saw it's running: "New Maps available", that's good enough. please upload my latest map-pack, download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7vtpb2uiicp1wt/udssr_mappack_29520.iwd?dl=0 (it is not set, old one is set, this one from link is latest I made, link is also in my second reply of the Topic) Also, bro, I have a little question. I just freshly downloaded mods from Custom Maps server directly before enetering the game. It's all saved in C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2\udssr_custom In that "udssr_custom" folder i see 4 .iwd files. Names: 0, 1, 2, 3 Ok, 0 is I guess Server Mod - 537KB, all ok with that. Mod is perfect with overpowered guns, just like it was all the time. Please don't change that. Also, thank you for fixing vote, works perfectly now. What was the problem? 1 is old map-pack (consisted of only smaller maps) and should've been removed from the server and replaced with the latest one from my link. It looks we have 2 different map pack in which both of them have 70% same, not identical, same maps. In those bigger map-pack, which is named "3.iwd" is biggest in size and in its all included inside whats in "1.iwd" map-pack. so 1.iwd is simply unnecessary. And about 2.iwd, it's just a map .iwd of single map COMMANDO. COMMANDO map is included in map-pack the biggest one of 64 MB thats currently on server. So bro I really don't know what for we have running those 2.iwds on the server. So, 1.iwd and 2.iwd are in question. Kind regards, Boeing 787
  10. Hello Boss, yeah, understood. I apologize for the inconvenience. Below are .iwd files of maps you requested. Enjoy holiday, boss! mp_aim_1.iwd mp_giantroom.iwd mp_plane.iwd
  11. Hey Guys I've made some changes and created a new map-pack for our [UdSSR] Custom Maps Server and this one is final for now and will be on the server for the next 30 days (1 month). Along with 7 nice big custom maps, new smaller maps are now included making the final size of map-pack to 88,1MB (90MB). Map Names: Gob Iced :[GOB]: Icestation Aim Practice 1 Bathroom TINY Cat and Mouse Rat Room v3 :[GOB]: Mice :[GOB]: Rats v2 JJ's Aim JoJo Killzone Airbus A310-300 Pool Day Training Worldcup Wawa 3d Aim -All screenshots included below. Note: I also noticed some issues on the server. Issues: Vote is enabled. That's ok. But it does not work. What's the problem? When you press Esc -> Call Vote, nothing happens. It's frozen/missing. It's something with the mod itself, atleast I think that. It worked before because I know that mod. @Ki1Lu - I see that mod isn't PAM, like on our other servers, for example SD or TDM Toujane. That's ok. For this server, Custom Maps Server I'd like to keep that current mod. But something is messed up with that vote, worked 100% before. Maybe you deleted some certain file. Please take a look into it when you can, @Ki1Lu @Fight^er @Nashua - Thanks! Things to remove from the server before uploading (putting) a new map-pack - @Fight^er cust207.iwd mappacknew.iwd mp_commando1_1.iwd Download link for the new map-pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7vtpb2uiicp1wt/udssr_mappack_29520.iwd?dl=0 Map Rotation to put: set sv_mapRotation "gametype tdm map mp_buhlert map mp_commando1_1 map mp_provence gametype dm map gob_iced map mp_giantroom map mp_gob_rats map mp_jojo map mp_worldcup" Kind regards, Boeing 787
  12. Hey Guys, I made [UdSSR] Map-Pack for our [UdSSR] Custom Maps Server! Map-Pack's total size is around 60MB, more or less. It consists of 7 great custom maps! I hope you'll like them! We had them before running on our Server so some [UdSSR] Members might already know these maps. We would change this maps on the Server (Map-Pack) once or twice a month, so we could have more fun in new maps that we put, exploring them, playing etc. Current names of the maps are listed below: Buhlert, Germany COMMANDO Provence-France El Santuario Currahee! Wild West Currahee! Winter Toujane STALINGRADO RUS Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7vtpb2uiicp1wt/udssr_mappack_29520.iwd?dl=0 Note: Map-pack .iwd file is uploaded safely to Dropbox! Just click on the link and download it for free without any registrations. After you downlaod it put it to CoD 2 main's folder or download it directly from [UdSSR] Custom Maps Server when it will be uploaded! @Fight^er @Ki1Lu @Nashua will take care of it. Screenshots of the maps included below: Note: If you want to suggest the maps you like, feel free to reply in this Topic. Kind Regards, Boeing 787
  13. Bro, it's actually "28964" port.
  14. u throw nashua... xDDD dont insult my croatian guy
  15. Happy - Birthday :first1:  Have a good one Enjoy it!