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The Server Mod version was updated to version 3.10b. The new ban system is still in use and the bugs have been fixed!

Please pay attention to possible bugs in the future and report them to us immediately. 

All servers have been updated, the new version is active and in use on all servers.


Have fun and stay clean.

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  1. Help:Demo

  2. Have you tried googling that? I don't play GTA 5, but I looked at the solution in YouTube. There are 3 ways to solve the problem. I'm not at the computer right now, but tomorrow I will write everything to you in discord. Judging by the comments, this should help. Here is a link to the video, but it’s in Russian, so better wait until I write to you xD
  3. Rhine and Villerse-Bocage seems like a good maps. Voted for Rhine.
  4. @Itachi Hello! Thank you for visiting our forum. It sounds very strange. None of the people who have ban rights will give a ban for no reason. It is important for us that there should be proofs for possible cheaters, otherwise it cannot be banned. Please write the nickname that your friend had when he was banned, and his IP (ask him about it). For each blocked person, we have a post in the Ban Request section. Try to check there. Don't worry, if your friend was really banned for no reason (this is hardly possible), we will un-ban him.
  5. Yesterday we played cool on this map . It looks fresh, brings variety to the game. Let's guys add it to rotation. If people don't want to play it, they can vote for another card. All simple.
  6. Yes, let it be in rotation. I always liked to play it.
  7. I think it’s not worth changing anything on SD server. Now everything is perfect, cod 2 should remain cod 2. There are many publics that prove my words. Extreme, veteran (if you haven't seen, go to their server, this is terrible ). I don't understand the creation of models, but it seems to me that the changes will affect the FPS, so people can leave us. Now everything is fine, we shouldn't change something on the main servers (my opinion). However, we have a custom server. He is created for this, we can experiment on it .
  8. Everything is quite simple, but I would never have thought of it myself. 1) You need to go this way, then run the host file as administrator (this is important!). C:\\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts You need to remove the line that does not allow the master server to download data to your PC and connect to the servers. ( cod2.master.activision.com) It also solves the problem when you can’t find the server (they don't appear in the server list when u refresh it).
  9. This method also fixes the problem when you don't see the public in the server list.
  10. I asked all the friends who are associated with this game and found a solution to the problem. I leave below a way to solve this problem in steps, maybe someone will need it in the future. Thank you all guys for not leaving me alone with the problem. @Fight^er @Nashua @Chr111s
  11. https://eu.letsplay.live/forums/thread/p9018757/ 3:57am Apr 5th 20 - in reply to LEDAX's post i found a problem!!! C:\\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts hosts - open with notepad and delete the last two ip cod2master.activision.com cod2master.activision.com after that click save and replace. All this is done on behalf of the administrator
  12. @Fight^er I'm not sure, but maybe I can’t connect due to the location of the server. I just noticed that the server is in Hungary. Hardly, but maybe I can’t connect because of this? In any case, I will stay in the UdSSR, can I go to the server - or not. I can still watch the demo and stay active on the forum. In any case, I will not leave the community.
  13. @Fight^er No, I spent all day on this, 10 times I reinstalled the game . I tried to turn on, off, reinstall pb. Unfortunately, nothing helps . Maybe my ip is in the ban list?