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  1. Sounds very great @Ki1Lu ! PM me if u need any help /Nashua
  2. Help:Demo

    U cant upload the demo file. Also there isnt a way to simply convert the demo to mp4. U gotta screen record. With fraps or something simmilair.
  3. Maybe wait longer. I had also a black screen when starting up cod2. It could take up to 2 to 5 minutes to start up cod2. While i had cod2 on my SSD. so that couldnt be the problem
  4. With this vote u need to think about if ALOT of people wanna play. Not 4 a 5. But like 20 people. With this said i think that at least Farmhouse and brecourt wont be in the picture. breakout - i think some people like it, but alot don't. i personally dont like this map. and i have seen when we didnt got the voting system some guys changed it to breakout and it went from 10v10 to 5v5. Leningrad - I like the map very much. But i think its too small for 10v10 or more. and since our servers are always 10v10 it isnt a choice i think. Moscow - just shitty map. Rostov - Russian map. We already have leninggrad, think that not much people like the russian maps because of the overpowered ppsh. el Alamein - Weird dark map, not too bad. But don't think its suitable for public (SD) Wallander - Good map, people will play it. very suitable for 10v10 or more. Caen - good map, People will play it too. Very suitable for 10v10 or more. My vote = Caen or Wallander But cant vote twice, so Caen
  5. New Awards!

    Hello everyone! Since we started the Wawa tournament we had to add something to our forum!. This is because in the future we wanna create more events like this one. The things we have added are Medals for the winners of events. When you win a Tournament just like the wawa tourney u will get the following Award: This award will show under your rank at every post you make. Also the award will show up at your profile with more information about how you recieved this special award. This is shown in the pictures below. With this addition we hope you will get ethernal glory for winning events! In the future we might start other events than Tournaments. For this we might add other rewards. The price will be shown in the topic of the event at that time. We hope you guys will like this addition to our forums. ~Nashua
  6. The only one i saw who wanted this was u lol Nope for me.
  7. I thinks it is not that great of an idea. It will look cool. But it can break other thing. Server activity will go down if skins etc will be added. Also @Ki1Lu is still busy with setting up all the servers and everything around it. So let's atleast wait untill everything to be done before we decide to change things. ~Nashua
  8. @Fight^er That link isnt working for him
  9. maybe something for making ban request? like our main goal is keeping the servers clean.
  10. I think we shouldn't add custom/cod1 maps to the SD server. And Trying may harm the server, this is our most populated server atm and if we are gonna change things like this and it doesn't work we can lose alot of player. and its had to get them back.
  11. Rifle server

    @Alex10Hartmann Toujane only, and maybe vote for gamemode DM TDM SD.
  12. trow your pc out of your window pick new parts for a new pc build new pc Install cod2 if not works. ur doomed for life.
  13. my cod won't start if i dont plug in my headset. Maybe u can have a look at that?