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  3. hi bro 

    i got a notification that u have mentioned me , when i click on it  i didnt get ur reply on me 

    is it a bug or u have delted ur mention 

    :3 <3

    1. Fight^er


      i gave you a like mention ( the heart ) that you see u can click on that to add a mention emoji

  4. hi bro salam alekum

    how r u , how u doing 

    im so glad for see u still here 

    i joined cod2 server asking about u and the admin who called "uti" told me Fighter  still here

    Uti is a friendlly person and he  replying for all my questions 

    i wanted to make a new account cuz ithought im still banned here in this account

    i saw  my 


    604 profile views


    u r the top of the list (lastest one )  in july <3


    1. Fight^er


      yeah yeah i know it was the sitauation of back than years back i can un-ban it if you like since it was resolved  from what remember it was while hinz was still around anyhow your Welcome to our servers as well forum  its been quite a while since you were last seen still playing cod2 ? :D nice i catch you in the server sometime we play some games. Yeah Uti is our Admin Staff glad he helped you find our new url web.

    2. by[urLeader]/xd


      after i got banned in 2019 or 18 i went to Spar** clan then alexhartman banned me there too cuz  of that things i have did to Udssr at 2017/18

      so i decided to left Cod 2  ..

      i want to ask u about Red one how is he doing 

      did he left the clan and the game ?


      i can join daily  at 11 a.m  and 8 p.m (GMT) cause  im working + i have a college at  the morning 

      <3 <3 <3

    3. Fight^er


      Yeah well hope you have learned from the past drama , anyways hope you enjoy your time with us once again. RedOne? He is still with us plays from time to time and is seen around the forum at times , PM him

  5. New mod on our match server. The latest version of zPam is currently available on our match server. The version 310 BETA 4, offers numerous bug fixes and has many new features. Below I will show you the original changelog of GuitHub Posten, there you will also find a description how to install the new zPAM 310 BETA 4. I am looking forward to the first matches with the new Pam Mod. Of course Punkbuster is active!
  6. Contrats on the Promotion bro!! you deserve it you been with udssr for quite a while!!

    1. kyriakosheji


      thank you brother i appro im so glad!!

  7. ---------------------------

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    2. Fight^er
    3. Ki1Lu


      He kept coming back to the server with a new Ip, then I activated the new ban system and he couldn't access the servers anymore :) So it really works :)


    4. SiKo!


      Thank you guys 

  8. Sounds very great @Ki1Lu ! PM me if u need any help /Nashua
  9. Hi guys, that the Ban system is currently being revised and improved, they already know. In the next few days the work will be finished and I should have fixed all bugs by then. Regarding this I have great news for you, currently I am working on a "very big update"! This is the last big update for the normal servers for the time being. It's a lot of work, but I want to explain to you what will be coming in the future and exclusively for UdSSR. In the future (if everything works as I imagine it will) you will not need an admin tool anymore. I will build an ingame admin (Rcon Tool). You will be able to log into an ingame Rcon tool directly from the server, ban players, kick them, change cards, view a logfile, who used the Rcon for what and when etc. There are no limits, I will include many Rcon commands and more. It will even be possible, if there are players who should overcome our ban system, to take away their desire to cheat. We just let this cheater on the server, but then we take away his weapons with the admin tool and set it to not move. So he can use an Aimbot or WH, but he can't do anything with it, because he can't move and has no weapons. This way the player could be deprived of the desire and he gives in. It is also interesting that we can give each player his own guide, not as good as with Punkbuster and original servers but it helps us to detect and ban cheaters. There will be many more options available in the ingame Rcon tool than in most admin tools. This will be "my" final and finished mod! So the mod would be perfect, maybe I have an idea for the FPS script. Best regards Ki1Lu
  10. Clarification of our paragraph (8. Clipping) of the server rules. English ============================================================== Since there are always questions on the server what exactly is meant by "clipping", I provide here an excerpt from an old ESL rulebook. This excerpt is basically about clearing up mistakes. ============================================================== What exactly is "clipping"? Clipping is the fast, leaning in and out of a cover under simultaneous firing. This is intended to make it more difficult for the opponent to hit you, since you can either not be seen at all or only with great difficulty. ============================================================== What does this mean? It is not clipping when a player is squatting and then quickly gets up to shoot and squats again. ============================================================== So in the future I ask you to pay attention to what "clipping" exactly means before making any statements. Original cutout (ESL rulebook) The ESL today released new rules for the first part of Call of Duty. Among other things, these rules state that so-called clipping is forbidden and what is done in case of rule violation. Here is the part that deals with clipping: Rule 7.3.7 Clipping Clipping is prohibited in the ESL area. Clipping is understood to be fast, leaning in and out of a cover while firing simultaneously. This is intended to make it more difficult for the opponent to hit you, as it is either impossible or very difficult to be seen. If a player is caught in the act of clipping, which must be clearly evident from the demo, it can lead to the match being cancelled if the player in question has contributed significantly to the outcome of the match. Here the administrator decides on the basis of the available demo analysis. Usually, a warning is issued for a single clipping in a match. If the player is noticed more often, he will be penalized with 1-3 penalty points. In all leagues, higher than 1on1, it can also lead to the team being penalized with penalty points if several players are caught clipping in a match. Basis for all decisions is the demo analysis. Protest If a user is accused of clipping, a timetable must be created there as well. This is then reviewed by the admin team and can lead to a warning or even penalty points. We kindly ask you to check the scenes yourself and not just to protest. You should have the suspicion that a clip attempt took place or was carried out. Accordingly, the course of events will result in a protest. Demo Analysis The Admins reserve the right to analyze. If an admin decides that it was not a clip attempt, the user/team will take note and the case is closed. Protests If we notice that a flood of unjustified protests appears, we will be forced to reject protests. What does that mean? As described above, it should be clear to you that not only suspicion is enough, but an analysis of you must be available. We will then look at the scenes and analyze in parallel. German ============================================================== Da auf dem Server immer wieder die Fragen aufkommen, was genau unter "Clippen" verstanden wird, stelle ich hier mal einen Ausschnitt aus einem alten ESL Regelwerk zur Verfügung. Im besagten Ausschnitt geht es im Grunde darum, um mit Irrtümern auf zu räumen. ============================================================== Was genau ist "Clippen"? Unter Clippen versteht man das schnelle, rein und rauslehnen aus einer Deckung unter gleichzeitigem Feuern. Hierdurch soll dem Gegenspieler das Treffen erschwert werden, da man entweder gar nicht, oder nur sehr schwer gesehen werden kann. ============================================================== Was bedeutet dies? Es ist kein Clippen, wenn ein Spieler in der Hocke ist und dann schnell aufsteht um zu Schießen und sich wieder in die Hocke begibt. ============================================================== Also ich bitte euch in Zukunft genau darauf zu achten, was "Clippen" genau bedeutet, bevor irgend welche Aussagen getroffen werden. Original Ausschnitt (ESL Regelwerk). Die ESL hat heute neue Regeln zum ersten Teil von Call of Duty herausgebracht. Diese besagen unter anderem, dass das so genannte Clippen verboten ist bzw. was bei Regelverstoss vorgenommen wird. Hier der Teil der sich mit dem Clippen beschäftigt: Regel 7.3.7 Clipping Clippen ist im Bereich der ESL verboten. Unter Clippen versteht man das schnelle, rein und rauslehnen aus einer Deckung unter gleichzeitigem Feuern. Hierdurch soll dem Gegenspieler das Treffen erschwert werden, da man entweder gar nicht, oder nur sehr schwer gesehen werden kann. Sollte ein Spieler des Clippens überführt werden, was aus der Demo eindeutig ersichtlich sein muss, kann, falls der betreffende Spieler dadurch wesentlich zum Matchausgang beigetragen hat, es bis zur Löschung des Matches führen. Hier entscheidet der bearbeitende Admin anhand der vorliegenden Demoanalyse. Im Regelfall wird einmaliges Clippen in einem Match verwarnt. Sollte der Spieler öfters auffallen, wird er mit 1-3 Strafpunkten bestraft. In allen Ligen, höher als 1on1, kann es auch dazu führen, sollten mehre Spieler des Clippens in einem Match überführt werden, dass das Team mit Strafpunkten belegt wird. Grundlage für alle Entscheidungen ist auch hier die Demoanalyse. Protest Wenn ein User des Clippens beschuldigt wird, so muss auch dort ein Timetable erstellt werden. Dieser wird dann vom Admin-Team begutachtet und kann für eine Verwarnung bis hin zu Strafpunkten führen. Wir bitten euch vorher die Szenen selbst zu begutachten und nicht einfach einen Protest einzulegen. Es sollte sich der Verdacht von euch erhärten, dass ein Clippversuch stattfand oder vollzogen wurde. Dementsprechend ergibt sich der Ablauf in einem Protest. Demoanalyse Die Admins behalten sich das Analysieren vor. Wenn durch einen Admin entschieden wird, dass es sich nicht um einen Clippversuch gehandelt hat, dann wird dies vom User/Team zur Kenntnis genommen und der Fall ist damit abgeschlossen. Proteste Sollten wir merken, dass eine Flut von unberechtigen Protesten erscheint, so werden wir gezwungen sein Proteste abzulehnen. Was heisst das? Wie oben beschrieben, sollte es euch klar sein, dass nicht nur der Verdacht ausreicht, sondern eine Analyse von euch vorliegen muss. Wir schauen uns dann die Szenen an und analysieren parallel.
  11. Map "mp_worldcup" added again. List updated!
  12. Pool_day Powcamp Wildwestland Worldcup Wawa_3d_aim Rust Shipment Backlot
  13. Hello, friends, after consultation with Fighter, we have adapted the map rotation of our custom server. Some maps have been removed from the rotation, new maps have found their way into the map rotation. Please note that I have also made other changes, hoping that the server will not crash so often anymore. If you are missing one or the other map now, don't be sad, the map rotation is changed from time to time, so that there is a bit of variety. The following maps have been removed from the old map rotation: ---------------------------------------------------------- Custom Maps Server: - Maps Removed List: Bathroom Tiny --> Removed Chelm Poland ( Beta 2 ) --> Removed The Town ( the moh town) --> Removed Pirates Bay --> Removed Provence - France --> Removed Stalingrado Rus --> Removed Tripoli --> Removed gob_mice --> Removed Super_mario --> Removed ------------------------------------------------------------- - New maps in the map rotation: 5ronin_dvaim --> Added Ohmy_rats_shed --> Added Ohmy_rats_yard --> Added Wildwestland --> Added Kitchen --> Added gob_arena --> Added gob_icestation --> Added Rust --> Added Shipment --> Added Backlot --> Added ---------------------------------------------------------- - Maps in the current map rotation: 5ronin_dvaim Gob_aim Gob_iced Gob_icestation Catmouse Gaintroom Gob_arena Gob_rats Jj´s_aim Jojo Killzone V3 King_we Kitchen Ohmy_rats_shed Ohmy_rats_yard1 Pavlov Plane Pool_day Powcamp Wildwestland Wawa_3d_aim Worldcup Rust Shipment Backlot ---------------------------------------------------------- - Our maps 5ronin_dvaim Gob_aim Gob_iced Gob_icestation Catmouse Gaintroom Gob_arena Gob_rats
  14. Host Has Been Changed and is Currently on New Server Effective All Servers Contain the same Ports just the IP is different ---------------------------- Server Contains Very Powerful extreme performance specs - DDOS protection - 99% up time / without any interruptions [UdSSR] Call of Duty 2 Servers : Server #1: S&D PAM: ---> / Game Tracker Server #2: Toujane TDM All Weps: ---> / Game Tracker Server #3: Toujane DM-All Weps : ---> / Game Tracker Server #5 Rifle PAM TJ: ---> / Game Tracker Server #4 Custom Maps: ---> / Game Tracker Server #6 Wawa: ---> / Game Tracker Server #7 CTF-PAM: ---> / Game Tracker Server #8 S&D Rifle PAM: ---> / Game Tracker Server #9 S&D Jump Server: ---> / Game Tracker Server #10 Zombie Server: ---> / Game Tracker Server #9 Match Server: ---> / Game Tracker @Co-Leader @Management @Ban Team @Admin @Inactive Admin @Clan Member @Members @Donator
  15. Host Has Been Changed and is Currently on New Server Effective All Servers Contain the same Ports just the IP is different [UdSSR] Call of Duty 2 Servers : Server #1: S&D PAM: ---> / Game Tracker Server #2: Toujane TDM All Weps: ---> / Game Tracker Server #3: Toujane DM-All Weps : ---> / Game Tracker Server #5 Rifle PAM TJ: ---> / Game Tracker Server #4 Custom Maps: ---> / Game Tracker Server #6 Wawa: ---> / Game Tracker Server #7 CTF-PAM: ---> / Game Tracker Server #8 S&D Rifle PAM: ---> / Game Tracker Server #9 S&D Jump Server: ---> / Game Tracker Server #10 Zombie Server: ---> / Game Tracker Server #9 Match Server: ---> / Game Tracker
  16. [UdSSR] Host Change + IP Will be different ( Coming Shortly ) Stay updated via Website and our Discord for updated ( they can be at any given time ). Hello Folks , UdSSR Team - As well rest of you soldiers. I Want to inform everyone that we have made decision as in higher staff branch to change to a better host. ---> Has Changed Host for a better meaning New Servers Will be Posted Shortly and once everything is updated! -------------- We have left the Old host and leaving it behind due to some problems factors they have had going on for amount of period of times due to their overload of customers due to the Covid-19 situation their had more clients than they can handle and we cannot have that problems there for we stepped up the game and upgraded into new host to provide everyone The Best servers in cod2 up to this time. The new host is Extremly high-spec server 👍 beyond - Currently in Processes of being Configured ( And will be Effective As soon our Current " Old " Root Expires within 2 Weeks it will be up and running or Sooner Info will be Posted as well ( Change will be Effective at Any given time ) - backups have already been installed already on the New Host. Thanks for reading, Best regards, Fight^er @Co-Leader @Management @Ban Team @Admin @Inactive Admin @Clan Member @Donator @Members @Custom Maps Developer
  17. Greetings to you and your friends from the member. I'm not a boy, I'm an old guard and I've played a lot of members. I want to prove myself to you and anyone and I came to your forum for the simple reason that I think you are a serious member and can socialize and change your experiences in many fields games both the games themselves and outside of it. I will try to help as much as I can and normally if you as a leader allow it. Sorry my English is not the most sorry THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for accessing your forum

    1. Fight^er


      Hello , Thanks for stopping by our forum. As well kind thanks for the words I try my best as i always have been. Its pretty cool you want to help our community if you wish to join please see the section ( Recruting ) on our forum Apply to join , or if you do not wish to apply suggestions with your experiences are very welcome depending what you have in your sleeve as for the help!

      ~ Thanks.

    2. sm uti

      sm uti

      efej you are raly nice person and all we lose u xd is ok my english is bad too  but we can do it if we are strongers team  im realy happy to se you here bro  again welcme to the family xd :)

    3. Efej


      Thank you very much I am very glad for your kindness .PS: I am very glad that you are patient in the game and I like that a lot.
      I like to be in a very good relationship with everyone and I don't like belittling and you are a very, very good person and thank you for socializing so far and normally in the future thank you again    :)

  18. All working superb! Thank you! Got people on server.
  19. New Mappack available! It should be loaded at the next map change, if not please contact me.
  20. Sure, let's go with it. Thanks bro. Whenever you do it, when can, upload it to the server, we rock new maps. <3
  21. Ok. I like 2nd option. And in the end we have all maps? Current + 6 new?
  22. The problem is that they made the mappack larger than 60 MB, this can cause problems during download! We have two possibilities. We remove a map We split the mappack into two mappacks How would you like it?
  23. Ok, boss. Check below. Single links: -added powcamp, I forgot above. 6 maps total for 2nd map-pack. mp_king_we.iwd mp_chelm.iwd mp_moh_town.iwd mtl_pirates_day.iwd mp_tripoli.iwd mp_powcamp.iwd
  24. Please do not upload anything to our servers, please contact me in such cases. In the future I would appreciate it if you would provide me with the maps as single downloads, because I always check it before if there might be any problems.
  25. @Ki1Lu - Yo! Could you please add/upload this second (2nd) map-pack to our UdSSR Custom Maps Server for@Cr!per @King_David , me and all players we have there on daily basis .I didn't want to edit current map-pack because maps are great and un-replacable, atleast for now, for some longer months. I also have a second list of maps we had previous years running on our Custom Maps Server and I just included them and made this 2nd map-pack. It consists of 5 awesome maps, similar to maps we currently have running on the server. I already asked @Fight^er if I can make map-pack and said yes, but obviously didn't have time to upload map-pack, yet. So... map-pack consists of 5 awesome maps, as mentioned above. Size is same as current map-pack currently running on the server and I wouldn't go above that size. Size is now perfect with those 2 map-packs. Names of maps included in the map-pack: Tripoli, Libya Chelm, Poland King of Queens (Winter Edition) The Town (with driving boat, like map Stalingrado, just with chopper & plane) Pirates Day (song Pirates of the Caribbean is included) All images of maps are listed below. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/77amrrpnmjmzl1h/udssr_mappack_2_9620.iwd?dl=0 Thanks @Ki1Lu
  26. @Ki1Lu -Yo! Just want to say that Custom Maps Server is running perfectly. Vote, rotation, maps, mod, overpowered guns... Yesterday we had like 10-12 players playing on the server. @Cr!per and I led the team. Just a minor issue if you can look into it when you have time... -I don't know why MG-42 isn't showing anymore. It's not visible on any map, whether it's a custom or original map. I thought it's maybe disabled inside Rcon, at guns options, but I don't see that weapon name there. Thanks in advance, bro!
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